Musical Theater

Musical Theater focuses on learning proper dance technique while also exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Emphasis will be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience, and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.

The Little Ones Program

The Little Ones Program has been developed for our youngest dancers, ages 2-5. Creative movement and pre-ballet is offered to our Twinkle Tots, ages 2-3, and the Ballet/Tap combo classes are offered to dancers ages 3-5.  We have created curriculum for each level in the program, based on age and development.  Our classes use dance… Continue reading The Little Ones Program

Ballet Academy

The Ballet Academy at Attitude, Plus! is a program designed to allow dancers the opportunity to experience ballet class like a real ballerina. Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance, so we feel it is important to require dancers who enroll in Ballet to give it the attention it deserves. Our program… Continue reading Ballet Academy


Jazz is an upbeat class that focuses on turns, leaps, and intricate styling. It truly is a dynamic style of dance because it can incorporate music from various decades and genres.  Dancers will learn how to combine technique with performance. Tap dance focuses on rhythms and perfecting the timing of each beat. Dancers will explore the floor… Continue reading Jazz/Tap

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a style that, similar to tap, focuses on rhythms and precision. Dancers develop stage presence, technique and a deep understanding of detail.  Classes can include popping, tutting, jazz funk and other styles of street dance.  Because hip hop is typically upbeat and fast, dancers will focus on building strength and stamina through… Continue reading Hip Hop


Contemporary is one of the rawest styles of dance that there is.  Dancers will explore levels, textures, expression and improvisation. As in ballet and jazz, classes will develop strength, flexibility, dynamics and technique.


Our worship class is offered to ages 8+.  The class incorporates several styles of dance.  The one thing that makes this class different than the others is the fellowship. Every so often, the class will spend the class time doing a devotional or fun Bible-learning activity. We listen to contemporary Christian music and often discuss… Continue reading Worship