The Little Ones Program

The Little Ones Program has been developed for our youngest dancers, ages 2-6.

Creative movement and pre-ballet is offered to our Twinkle Tots, ages 2-3, and the Ballet/Tap combo classes are offered to dancers ages 3-6.  We have created curriculum for each level in the program, based on age and development.  Our classes use dance to develop cognitive, motor, language and social skills, as well as life lessons such as team work, determination and positivity.

Dancers in each level of the Little Ones Program will receive a sticker sheet to mark when they master something new. We believe in the power of goal setting and the positive impact it can make on a child’s self-esteem when s/he is recognized for reaching a goal.

Twinkle Tots       Ages 2-3
Tiny Treasures    Ages 3-4
Mini Movers        Ages 4-5
Shooting Stars   Ages 5-6

Other classes for ages 3-6 that are NOT Ballet/Tap:
Click below for more information on each class.

Hip Hop Babies   Ages 3-5
Hip Hop Minis     Ages 6-8
Ballet                   Ages 5-7